Prison Radio
Spoon Jackson

Okay, this is, uh, Spoon Jackson, formerly of Uncuffed Radio. They, for some reason, terminated my job there and I found nothing wrong. So I have this piece written for them, but since they terminated me, when reasons are unknown to me, I just want to share [inaudible] people out there in the world.

And it’s about a piece about a song that inspires you. And I recently had to deal with COVID-19 and pneumonia, almost passed, so here’s a song that inspires me. This is Spoon Jackson.

By the way of the high desert, my song is, “Keep Your Head to the Sky” by Earth, Wind, and Fire. For me, Earth, Wind, and Fire means it has always been personal, mystical, inspiring, spiritual, and real. Ovens of their songs [inaudible] pop up in my head to my emotion, reasons, the way of the world.

But this is about keeping your head to the sky so the clouds can carry you high. I have often found solutions to many problems [inaudible] It tells me the sky is limitless. When I think of the lyrics during the pandemic, it lifts my spirit and my heart. The clouds let me know why, and then I have choices. putting doing right now. let go into the sky. It’s a bad choice. The lyrics come to mind when I’m writing a letter and having an important decision to make. [inaudible] with a loved one, a lady in my life.

We cannot look drifting to the sky, our spirits, holding hands, our friendship can last but the romance aspect might not be there. I first heard Earth, Wind, and Fire when I was 11 or 12 years old, and the album was Keep Your Head to the Sky, and it blew me away because I loved the sky, and it made it okay to keep my head to the sky. My other brother, early junior, would back his car into the lot, on [inaudible] we had a lot where we kept a few farm animals and we looked to gather there as a family.

Sometimes [inaudible] would open his trunk and turned the volume up, and that was the first time I heard Earth, Wind, and Fire and Keep Your Head to the Sky. We blessed the farm animals we were preparing for food. [Inaudible] we’ve been humbling and important to me, and I’ve always traveled there and found answers. My body is a part of the earth, but my spirit and [inaudible] my love can travel anywhere in the universe. That’s why I keep my head to the sky, and sometimes I used to run into things. After all, my body’s a rest stop on state.

Foliages beyond doom. Black holes are doors doors to other dimensions that no physical bodies can’t go there. That’s some of what I think and feel. I know when I hear that song, keep your head to the sky.

This is called “Hug, almost sonnet.” Hugs can disarm a cannon and, like a cool a breeze, can undo hatred and racism or any vile disease. A hug can put a black man at ease, a hug is much and as deep as you please. Hug me today in your own special way. Instead of two astronauts with two hugs do, we can hug this morning and create a new day, warm and cozy, where love go. Where every dewdrop embrace each blade of grass, where every pebble caress each beam of the sun with a sweet sand [inaudible] all the losses where every compete is fine. A group hug long can make everyone feel warm and nice.

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.