Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

What is Labor Day, 2014?

A day like all other days, not in honor of workers, but in cruel irony of workers’ impotence and defeat.

Celebrate Labor Day? Yeah, sure.

But attack unions; denigrate union organizing, while calling for wage cuts and deregulation. They are called lazy and incompetent and even Hollywood joins the fray with a recent movie. Remember “Bad Teacher”?

You think you’ll be seeing “Bad CEO” anytime soon?

I didn’t think so.

Once again, Hollywood sides with the powerful, whilst being labeled ‘liberal’!

Workers are working harder today, and getting considerably less in return. Wages are low, and respect for working people is even lower.

Unions are demonized.

Labor Day – a day like all others, when labor and its unions are spit on.


Happy Labor Day.