Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

One would think that after the hellish debacle of Iraq, the primary role of the corporate media, that of Chief Cheerleader, would’ve given rise to soul-searching, or at least professional reconsideration and training of young journalists.

If the news of late is any indication, that ain’t happening.

Check any news service, and no doubt you’ll see or hear questioning of some retired military official about how “we” should attack something (or somebody)

There isn’t even the pretense of objectivity.

Journalists use the royal “we” to mark their special service to the State (and the corporations!) in support of war.

If the media projections are taken as reflections of reality, no one opposes U.S. military action. It’s assumed “we” are down for the cause.

It doesn’t matter where; Syria, Nigeria, Iraq, etc.; for every few weeks, a new outrage — and a new invitation to unleash the dogs of war.

But, in truth, them dogs are tired. The bitter truth is Americans are sick to death of war.

The country has just recently begun to end its longest war: one that may be remembered as its dumbest war (quite an accomplishment, come to think of it!).

But the media, long lambasted as a liberal mouthpiece, seems determined to stir the pot.

They failed miserable in the run-up to the Iraq War. They are failing today.

They are so busy obeying their bosses, that they’re betraying their viewers, listeners and readers.

The have become the heralds of hell.

From their disastrous performance in selling the Iraq War, they have learned nothing.