Prison Radio
Spoon Jackson

When haters pull me up from the ground, breaking my roots, I’ll get my nourishment from the air.

When haters strive to drive me into the dirt, they inspire me to flow. They inspire me to grow. They inspire me to dream. They inspire me to live.
When haters strive to beat me down into the ground and [inaudible] the air smoked and soot, I rise above it like a God.

This is Spoon Jackson and if you like any of my poetry, please check my poetry book out called “Longer Ago,” that can be- it can be accessed on And please, if you like my prose, and want more of it, check out my book that I wrote with Judith Tannenbaum called “By Heart” that can also be purchased off And if you want to hear some good stories in the form of storytelling, the old story core way of telling stories, we have a podcast here at Solano prison called Uncuff. And you could go to Uncuff listeners, or you could go to Uncuff at KALW 91.7 FM and listened to some podcasts.

And we are putting a human face on prisoners, to show that we all have one foot in darkness and one foot in light. Thank you very much and I hope you will check me out. This is Spoon Jackson out until next time.

(Sound of a cell door closing.) These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.