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Noelle Hanrahan: My name is Noelle Hanrahan. I’m a lawyer, investigator, and I work with Prison Radio, and I’m here with Pam Africa for the International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu Jamal. Pam, what’s the latest?  

Pam Africa: Right, um Last week, I had a phone call that came in from Wadiya Jamal’s oldest son, and he had just left from visiting Mumia, and he was really upset.

In fact, he said he left there crying, going down the hall. When he got to his car, he said he was so messed up when he turned his car on, he had to stop because he was crying uncontrollably.  You know, because Mumia looks just that bad.  And, uh, his hair had came out, but the most important thing, it wasn’t the fact that Mumia’s hair was going, and, uh, it was the rash, he had this black rash that started on his face, and he had seen with Mumia had scratched so much that his eyebrows, half of them were gone.

Mumia is itching continuously 24/7 and he had a terrible rash. It’s there and it was very alarming for me. So I contacted, you know, several of the people that work that work around with me  and made arrangements to go up to the prison in our last Monday. I mean, this Monday just passed and I was shocked when I saw him.

Yeah.  You know, he was thin, he was much, he had lost a lot of weight, and when he talked about the rash, it brought back to my mind when we were fighting, you know, this government. And all to stop them from murdering Mumia through medical neglect. As I sat there, you know, watching Mumia, and I’m thinking about when you hear Mumia on his podcast with Marc Lamont Hill, you would have no idea, you could not place the face, you know, the face of Mumia, the body of Mumia, with what you’re hearing on the radio, because you’re thinking that, you know, he’s well.

This government  is slowly, purposely, killing Mumia through medical neglect. I’m talking about his diet, which Noel will, you know, talk more about. And on the fact that he does not get proper yard out, he has a bad heart, and they’re not giving him the proper diet, the proper things that he needs to survive.

And most of all, I want people to understand, this should happen to no one, but Munia is 100%  innocent. And you’ll see, you know, through the years, you know, all the illegal things they have done to keep him in jail and all. But at this particular time, I know what I’m seeing andWadia’s son Issa, he knew what it was he was seeing.

You know, they are torturing when you itch 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And as we are speaking, William is being tortured right now. There’s not a part of his body that doesn’t itch and, uh, that he’s not digging and clawing at, you know, um.  You know, we need help. We need help. We need help getting him a diet, you know, um, which, you know, while we’re working and we got to pick up the work, we really got to pick up the work because when you have the evidence of innocence, we must put the pressure on this government to release this proven innocent man.

Um, Judge Griffin. You know, from Arkansas, said that these people have a  bloodlust, and that’s what they have, a bloodlust. They have a vengeance, you know. Mumia is, you know, a Black Panther, and, uh, you know, he’s been supportive of the MOVE organization, you know, for years. Mumia is an icon in the world community for the work that he has done for mankind, for humanity.

And these people want to kill him. And they’re doing it. They’re slowly doing it. You know, Mumia had an operation where, um, the guard described who was, you know, uh, went with Mumia to get this operation on his heart, you know.  It’s seeing Mumia’s heart beating on the table. Mumia, you know, on a gurney or, you know, the medical table and all, you know. He was, you know, it almost made him sick to be in the room, you know, to see this.

There are pictures of Mumia from, you know, 2023 last year, you know, that will go up on this on the world site and other sites, you know, to show people the decline in health of Mumia, you know, so we’re asking people to rise up, rise up and do the right thing and go to your Congressman, you know, call the prison and are, you know, do whatever is necessary.

This is just the beginning of this particular battle. We’ll have more details on what it is that everybody can do.  I’m gonna let Noel talk now and share the time with Noel, but please, please, I’m telling you what I see and he, he should never reach the point where he reached last year. I mean a couple years ago, you know, his body can’t take much more and I gotta say this before sniffing at Noel.

The day that Mumia was released from death row, and the day that Mumia was granted an appeal by Judge Parker, you know, he said very clearly about the work that they were going to do once he went to general population, you know, he said he’ll get his just due, and you know, that he’s going to burn in hell.

You know, we’re still talking about an innocent person. That’s when Mumia started getting sick. He had been in jail for over 30 years at that point. And yes, he had colds and things like that. But once he hit general population, when he found out that, um, he would get the general population, you know, that’s when his sickness started.

And then when he went, uh, when Judge Tucker gave him the right for an appeal, that’s when he, And we’ll go more into detail about that later, you know, but they are determined to kill Mumia. We must stop what is going on. We couldn’t do nothing about Malcolm because we didn’t know the plot. We didn’t know the plan.

We could not do anything about Shea Combear because it’s the same thing. And on Martin Luther King, what we do know, and we’re witnessing what is going on here. It is time for us to rise up and tell them, “hell no!”.

Noelle Hanrahan: Okay, this is Noelle Hanrahan. It’s February 9th. We want you to stay tuned for updates and action alerts. Uh, Noelle Hanrahan, Prison Radio, speaking with Pam Africa from the International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu Jamal. Look on Instagram, look on Facebook, um, do your research and get involved.