Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

Brothers, friends, sisters, comrades, welcome. On the move. This is your brother, Mumia Abu-Jamal. And today you’ll hear from two of the finest former members of the Black Panther Party brothers Albert Woodfox and Robert King.

Truth is, if the free political prisoner movement was stronger, there’d be three brothers standing here, Herman “Hooks” Wallace among them. Yet we remember Hooks, the third of the Angola Three. These brothers survived decades in solitary, decades in one of the most hellish prisons in America, one whose very name reflects its horrored inheritance of a slave plantation: Angola, Louisiana.

All members of the Black Panther Party knew of these brothers, because they had the nerve, the revolutionary audacity, to organize a chapter of the Black Panther pPrty in the very bowels of a maximum security prison, Angola. For that and that alone, what the state called Black Pantherism, they were sentenced to life bits in solitary, the dictionary definition of torture. They struggled in the dark for decades, and they have a message for the PDC and for us all.

It is my high honor to introduce two good brothers to y’all: Albert Woodfox and Robert King. On the move, and all power to the people.