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Krystal Clark
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Krystal Denise Clark. My inmate number is 435064. I’m in WHV, the valley of death.

This room is getting shut down, my health, they’ve been denied my health. I had had somebody called up here last night yesterday to get me to health care, and my chronic cough is here, my body is swole from head to toe, so I’m just so tired. My hearing still like just running, both of my ears now is just infected. They downplaying this.

Every time I bring up about my health or others, I’m getting harassed, like I say my paperwork is going out my room. It’s just a lot of stuff going on, and I’m so tired. These inmates in here, they tired of it, they don’t know how to defend themselves, they feel like they being bullied, and every time they try to stand up for they self, they get retaliated.

My friend is- she’s sick. She has Crohn’s disease, and she suffered from seizures, and they get mad because she don’t want to push these people out here in the cold. She’s sick. So they threaten her, she don’t push, she gonna get her in trouble. And the lady is sick. They only doing it everybody who deal with me and try to help me, they all get punished, they keep on getting punished, and they tell the inmates not to deal with me. It’s just, this is just sad.

We got ladies in front of me that’s real sick, said they last goodbyes as I was told. We need help. I know y’all been doing all y’all can, and there’s a lot of people who have wrote me some good letters and reached out. I’m so thankful for the station. It’s just like, we here, but the people out there, like they’re supposed to be helping us, not just not to be funny and excuse my language, it’s some bullsh*t.

I should not even be looking like this and be sick like this. Then they want to act like and tell me to fill out a paper like I hurt myself? I’ve been tested for so much stuff, so many things, now my test came back with more bacteria in my lungs. They ain’t treat me. This mold is getting so bad and to the point that they don’t want to put the heat on in here. We got cold air blowing on us. We got to take cold showers. Every blue moon, the water get hot. The heat, when they turn it up, it’s like it’s about to blow up, so they don’t want to keep it on.This is not right! This is insufferable. Every time I drink this water, it feels like bugs is crawling on me. I already had a bacteria. I know it hasn’t went away. I’ve been on so, so many antibiotics. I’m just tired. I’m so emotional. I’m tired.

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