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Mumia Abu-Jamal

Well, when I thought about it, it reminded me of a man named Zhou Enlai. Most people don’t remember him, I guess, but if you remember Mai Zedong of China, he was his number two.

When Nixon broke the wall and went to China, one of the diplomats present asked Zhou Enlai to give his impression of the French Revolution.

Zhou Enlai, an intellectual with really bourgeois origins, thought about it, and he replied “It’s too early,” you know, and he said words to the effect like, “Too early to say.”

I thought about those words because it’s too early to say. I have not read the opinion. I hope to read it a few days, and then I’ll have more thoughts.

But you know, I’ve had discussions with counsel, and they’ve told me some good things that they’ve read, but it’s a beginning.

That’s all I can say. And I will say this, in addition. I’m not sure of this, but it seems to me this is the first time I’ve been in front of a Pennsylvania judge who wasn’t paid by the other side, speaking of the FOP.

And maybe that’s why it happened, so it’s a little too early to say. I’ll keep thinking and keep looking and keep working. Thank you for your question.