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Mumia Abu-Jamal

The stunning scandal surrounding Judge Roy Moore’s Senate campaign is a tale of power, not one of sex.

Nothing so engages the news media like a sex scandal, for it’s a ratings bonanza! And although it appears to be the story of a man with a case of the Lolita Syndrome (or an adult man’s obsession with little girls), again, it’s about power: political power; spiritual power; male power.

But no commentator I’ve seen has yet penetrated to the central point that illustrates this case.

Hints emerge from Moore’s repeated acts of disobedience to the Constitution, in favor of biblical guides to interpreting the law.

I don’t know Alabama law, but in PA all judges must swear an oath to obey both the state and federal constitutions.

Moore’s judicial oath was seemingly twice violated when he objected to US Supreme Court holdings. His oath instead, to religious belief is the elevation of religion above the law.

Several years ago, award-winning journalist, Chris Hedges wrote a book (American Fascists [2006]) describing men called ‘dominionists’, who want to transform America into a theocracy–where the Bible becomes the Law of the Land.

Imagine The Handmaid’s Tale come to life, where females are entirely controlled by men who treat them as sexual property, without choice.

How better to begin, than with a child?

That’s what Judge Roy Moore represents.