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Spoon Jackson

Spoon Jackson from Rabbits or Realness publication that will be online pretty soon. And I want to give everybody a heads up: it’s going to be ran by a person named Sarah Marie Bartorial and Spoon Jackson. It’s going to be a zine. There’s another advertisement I want to let out too.

There used to be a manual at PEN America called “Writer’s Handbook for Prisoners.” Well that has been in large and for the first time it has examples of writers in prison that have been successful at what they do. And I’m in there in the section under collaboration, and it’s been getting good reviews and publisher’s review, and I think the New York Times did something on it.

So I’m hoping, but people will check it out because I think you’ll gain some enlightenment. And unfortunately, I cannot remember the name right now, but that doesn’t take anything away from great the book is and the publisher is donating 75,000 copies to prisoners and to prisons and interested people, and you could get it on Amazon or any place where you can find a brand new books. Been getting good reviews.

Let me see what else I want to say. I’ve been nominated for a Poet Laureate of California. I don’t know if that means anything, and they didn’t bar prisoners from being nominated, so we’ll see if it gets up to the governor, and then the Senate would have to confirm. So we’ll see if I meet all of the qualifications.

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