Prison Radio
Spoon Jackson

All right. This is Spoon Jackson, formerly of Uncuffed, laid off for no reason at all, looking for a job in radio!

Anyways, uh, I would like to dedicate this poem to my Asian sisters and brothers—and hope that the discrimination and racism against them will stop. This poem is called “The Banquet.” As I’m with you, my Asian sisters and brothers. “The Banquet.”

But only for a chosen few, there was no colors of the rainbow, but it’s said that all people come from the same seed, the same batch of dirt, the same evolutionary cell. This shows from the beginning we were one. There were no Africans, no Caucasians, no Asians, no race—no Christians, no Jews, no Muslims, no Catholics, no religions.

What changed to make us different? People of different colors talking, like Jewish lady and African man. There’s a voice saying, “Come Jewish lady, come back to the promised land.”

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.