Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

Hi, my name is Krystal Clark. I’m in WHV, inmate number 435064.

We’re in the valley of hell. She took out the bleach, I think it was last month. The prisoners is on lockdown due to the COVID outbreak. COVID is really bad in here. If they continued testing they officers, they staff, we wouldn’t even be like this.

It’s so bad in here. My health, they playing games. They haven’t- We tried to call the radio station. We try to call everybody. Our calls ain’t going through. They playing games with our calls.

It’s bad in here. We is sick. Doctors is just playing games with my health. l’m still swollen from head to toe. I can barely talk because my throat is- I’m so emotional, I’m so tired of going through this.

The government people- they wrote a letter, it’s bullcrap, the letter they wrote talking about- she ain’t do nothing for us, this lady don’t do nothing for us. Someone needs to come in here and see how we living and see how this place.

They close-contact people all together, putting us together, this is terrible. I’m very high risk. COVID, it almost killed me. Due to my other health with this mold, it’s killing us. I don’t think people really understand.

I think the government- you need to come in here and talk to us. I would love to meet you. You need to see how this prison changed me, how I look, I walk on a walker, face, skin, dark and swole, I can barely breath, barely eat, on so many medication. The warden is not doing anything, the doctor is playing games, director Jones been talking about my health for a long time, they playing games. Now we have to worry about getting sick from this COVID outbreak.

We can’t get no more, everything is shut down again. It didn’t have to be like this if they would’ve kept this bleach and kept testing they officers. We don’t go out, barely go out. Now we gotta be in here miserable on top of each other, sick, can’t go nowhere.

Like this is sad. This is so sad. Like I’m very scared to even come out the room now because the COVID outbreak. I hesitate coming out the room now. I’ve been wearing my mask, but this is terrible.

And then they run out of masks, don’t got no mask, they barely give it to us, but they worry about themselves, make sure officers have bleach and officers have wipes, and they the one bring it in.

We need some help in here. If anybody can hear me speaking, we need some help. I’m so emotional right now. I’m so sick. I can barely like even—this is crazy—drink water. Like I try. I do what I can and stay focused and try to walk around and ignore my pain so I won’t go all the way down.

I try to still do things, but seeing these doctors and seeing them like they don’t see nothing. If you don’t see nothing, why you started giving me antibiotic, why you started giving me 5 or 6 medicines all the time, why am I on like 15 medicines, teardrops, eyedrops, and you not seeing nothing? This place is killing us. We need help.

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.