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Krystal Clark

My name is Krystal Clark, inmate #435064. I’m in WHV, the Valley of Death. I fear for my life. I really do fear for my life. I’m just tired of saying it. And my whole body is still swole from head to toes. Leaking greenish stuff out both of the ears. My throat is bringing it up and [undiscernible] infections.

My feet is leaking fluid out of it – I can barely wear shoes. My cough is just terrible. My chest, my whole body just feel like is just failing. And they called me over there today, Dr. S, I wrote some kites, they called me over there and she said, “I’m here for to check on your cough.” Not even concerned about just what’s going on, she said, “I’m gonna give you a chest X-ray.” Get the chest X-rays, it’s like – she closed the door, went in there and talked to the lady. I knew it was this little play-off, all this stuff they doing trying to make sure and say they trying to cover theyself and say they doing something. They not checking me for the things that need to be checked for. They want to act like it and downplay it like they doing something in here when I’m really just dying in here. Every time people say something wrong or to an officer who don’t take it serious, people drop dead. People drop dead. This, this is ridiculous. This should not be going on this long. My eyesight is just leaving. My hearing is just – both of my ears going to be gone by now.

I’m still bringing up blood, my nose still bleed. Rashes all over my body. Fungus, whatever they want to call it. I’m trying to remember because my memory – this is so sad. So much I’m going through, way I’m breathing, my wheezing, everything I just – it’s so much is going on right now that I’ve been trying to get help for years and they just covering this up and they getting away with everything. Nothing has been done with these people. Nothing. This place is so trifling and nasty. Our toilets keep on breaking, running, leaking. The water we shower in is still cold water.

The mold is growing everywhere, the water stank that we drink. This is sad, this watered-down spray they giving us. Ain’t nothing is working in here. Like they trying to cover this, they barely got nurses. We got new nurses because they left. Officers have left. This is ridiculous how we getting treated in here and it’s being downplayed. I could barely breathe. My legs, my whole body is aching and the pain is so bad. What’s the plan? They keep on talking about a plan, they want to send me places that – knowing that that ain’t the problem. And knowing – the doctor even said it’s my allergies to the mold is affecting me. But they don’t want to deal with that. They just want to say it’s everything, y’all sending me everywhere else except giving me the right help. So what if I do lose my life? What they gon’ tell my family? They not gon’ tell them nothing, they gon’ cover it up like, just like they just covered the young lady up not too long ago. Like this is sad. This is sad. They not taking this serious. This is sad. This is not a joke.

The warden, he’s not doing anything by – I wrote this man so many letters. He don’t like me. He won’t talk to me. It’s just, it’s sad. And Director Jones, like, she’s been, you act like you help me, you want to tell me what I want to hear to get me out your face. And then when I write kites and telling y’all what’s going on and this, this and that, and put your name in it and tell you that – you gon’ need [indiscernible], you want to roll your eyes and act like it’s a problem with me and act like you don’t want to talk to me no more. As you want to act like you helping me and you not helping me at all. You just telling me anything to keep me quiet and keep me quiet. That’s all she do. And I thought she would try to help me but – and then you get an attitude when I write a kite about y’all not helping me and don’t want to do nothing. It just hurt. It just hurt. I just feel like they need to, they need to investigate these doctors, nurses, [indiscernible], the warden, Heidi Washington, everything. They need to be investigated. Somebody – they need to be looked into. That’s why they getting upgraded because they doing everything that the warden, the system, wants them to do against us. So they get power and upgrades. That ain’t cool, man. How we get treated in here, this is unstoppable. When we get back at ’em, we just [indiscernible] or we get tickets. This, this is not right. To the point that I just don’t know what to do no more. I don’t know what to do no more. I’m tired, I’m tired, I’m so cried out, my, my throat, like – every day I wake up, the air just blow on us, it just like, it just make us sick. Be outside more because it’s gon’ get worse during the summer time in the place ’cause the mold.

But thank y’all so much. We just need help. Please, somebody help.

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