Prison Radio
Krystal Clark
Full Commentary

“The Valley of Death.”

It is a lot going on. Monday, I had a popup visit for the state representatives here. On Tuesday, they took us all out of our rooms, took us to this building, jailhouse, strip searched us, shook our rooms down, had dogs on here.

Today, I get told that, you pack up, you moving. I’m like I’m moving for what? So they did this foul stuff, they took me back over here, OBS, where I got sick at. I had to go to hospitals. It’s feces, dookie, it’s just trifling and nasty, bed smells like piss, the toilet so dirty and nasty, it’s where they put and house the crazy people sometimes, they beat our door all the time. And I asked him, why y’all do this when I sat up? They have beds over here that they won’t put me in.

They retaliate against me and put me in something like that with a respiratory and bacteria infections, but they got somwhere safe to put me but they’re gonna put me over here? Like I’m have to sleep [inaudible] because the room is so filthy and nasty, the doctor have me sign a paper. I signed the paper, and they still got me over here? Like this is not right. It’s all retaliation. The people from the state came up. This this is wrong, like this is all the way wrong. Like I’m just sitting here- I wish y’all could see this. Like no one is nothing.

This all do because I told the warden, I told all of them, like I’m just sitting here, I just can’t use the phone, but I gotta sit in a nasty stall. I can’t even watch my TV, and I got to come out and over onto another side to watch my TV. I got a worse shower. I gotta shower all these people at the same time. This place is bringing me down, like my body feels like it’s gonna shut down. This is not right. This is terrible. And then they go tell me the only way I moved is the nurses move me over here, and some of them don’t like me anyways because I told on them, so this is all due to retaliation, trying to make it seem like it’s me.

If you do the right thing, I won’t have to tell you. I’m not a bad person. It’s not my fault that I’m sick. It’s not my fault, like they are treating me so unfair. This is wrong, harassing, everything, and I told them I’m gonna tell everything you’re doing over here, so they really gonna sit here and like make me suffer like this. Like they mad at me because I told them the last time when I got sick I had to rush to the hospitat, that they don’t want me over here like I say like … I need help, we need help.

I’m tired of this. I’m so super tired. Like they just do they want to do to us. These people over here like we need help over here, they not doing the right treatment, they not doing nothing for us. This lady named Dorothy Moore broke her hip, she about 80, 90 something years old. [inaudible] let her sit there sit all day like how they treat them over here. This is bad, this is bad. This is so bad. There’s so much harassment and everything, this is how these ladies are living over here. How I was supposed to get treated and live like this? This is so wrong.

I just wanted to let y’all know what was going on. See if they gonna release me and get me out of here, but we need some help, like somebody to come through here and help these people here, like it’s so emotional. These older people, how they living and these people sick. We are sick in here like …

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