Prison Radio
Kerry “Shakaboona” Marshall

America is facing dire straits ahead. Donald J. Trump is now President-Elect, the Republicans have won the majority in the House and Senate, the majority of Governors are Republicans, Trump’s Cabinet positions are being filled with hard-right Republicans, and the Republicans will soon have a majority in the U.S. Supreme Court. Now that white supremists are in control of The White House and there are 60 days left before Donald Trump is inaugurated as President of the United States of America, what’s next?

For starters, the 62 million people that did not vote for Trump should immediately develop a plan of action to make Donald Trump a one-term President, by strategically resisting & obstructing President Trump’s agenda, such as Cabinet position appointments, Supreme Court Justice nominations, Economic deregulations, Law & Order, lmmigration, Health Care, Clean Environment, and Foreign Wars.

The 62 million people that didn’t vote for Trump must begin the groundwork now to influence the 2018 Mid-term Elections, to break the Republican majority control of the House & Senate.

Left-leaning Democrats must take control over the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and clean house of all long-time Establishment-Democrats that serve the interests of Wall Street over the interests of the people [and] that robbed the democratic-base of their choice to nominate Bernie Sanders during the primaries. Those Establishment-Democrats must be replaced with Millennial-Democrats.

The Millennial movement that backed Bernie Sanders and made him a household name, should separate from the corrupt & rigged Democratic Party and form a new political party in the urban & rural cities throughout America, that would comprise the Middle/Working/and Un-Employed classes of people and operate at the local level to serve the people’s interests.

So what’s next? — Four years of stiff Resistance to the White Supremists in The White

From The Belly Of The Beast, at Prison Radio, I am Shakaboona. Thank you for listening.