Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

It is possible now to live in a major American city, which boasts of a Black mayor, a Black police chief, and a Black president of a local legislative body, say, a city council, or county commission.

That’s largely because of Black population concentrations in urban districts, and their utilization of their voting power.

It is also possible to live in such a city or community, and to witness the abysmal quality of public education, the stark, naked repression of local police, and alleged representation by a political class that could hardly be more disconnected, more venal, more removed and more uncaring of those they claim to represent.

The amazing thing is, we consider that to be progress!

We are so far behind, that we don’t know where the starting line begins!

That’s the politics of failure. That’s the politics of even when you win – you lose.

We need new politics. One far different than what we have here and now.

It is long overdue.