Prison Radio
Kerry “Shakaboona” Marshall

Lets face some truths here, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has an image problem of being racist, xenophobic, sexist, and a politically unpolished blabbering brute.

Trump represents everything that is wrong with the Republican Party. But is Trump solely to blame? For his personal actions, yes. But for the Republican Party, no; of course not. The Republican Party is blameworthy for spewing racist-coded language, advancing so-called race-neutral policies harmful to Black and Latino/a communities, and have stood in stalwart opposition to all civil rights advancements made by Black Americans in the U.S. for the past half century! It must be remembered, that it was the Republican Party that created the monstrous self-image that we witness today.

Black and Latino/a Americans will never vote en masse for a Republican candidate to an elected office or a Republican Party that panders to the far-right’s racial and xenophobic fears for votes to the detriment of Black and Latino/a peoples, that routinely spew slurs and racist innuendos, and that view the Republican Party as their political enemy.

Because of Republicans’ image problem, worsened by Trump’s persona non grata in the political arena, the Republican Party will not gain the presidency in 2016, 2020, and perhaps even 2024, or at least until the Republican Party truly begins to play ‘big tent’ politics that includes non-caucasian Americans and that vies for the Black and Latino/a vote.

Moreover, because of Trump’s negative image among Black and Latino/a voters, his non-existent policies generally, his lack of a national ground campaign to win the general elections, and his paltry sum of campaign cash on hand compared to Hillary’s, Trump is going to get creamed by Hillary Clinton in the general elections by 8-percentage points!

How about a final truth? The Republican Party will never get the amount of votes needed to win the White House again in this plural society, until the Republican National Committee cleans up its party’s image and act of being a party of racists, xenophobes, sexists, and uncompromising obstructionists to progressive agendas.

From the Belly of the Beast, at Prison Radio, I am Shakaboona.