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Chad Smith

My name is Chad Smith, number 532291 at Macomb Correctional Facility in Michigan.

Wayne County Police shooting cover-up. This is part one. I have an article already out from Notes From the Village on my situation as well. I say hello, everybody. It’s been over four years now since 2018, before COVID, when I was wrongfully shot by the police several times from behind and illegally taken into custody. I was moved from the hospital, and hidden in a facility to avoid answering media’s questions and media interaction.

I’ve not only been at a standstill to have my day in court for over four years, but several things has happened and is continuing to happen which is jeopardizing the very integrity of the law. My constitutional rights, human rights, health, safety, everything else in between. The courts are now saying that they have lost the court transcripts and any other proof of my arraignment now that I filed a motion because I was not arranged. How does the court lose important transcripts like this at a most crucial time in a police shooting? One word: a cover-up. I explained in my last interview how three police who shot me were all wearing body cams but claim none of them were recording at the moment, the tapes just disappeared. No gun was ever recovered from me or near my person. I was accused of kidnapping someone which turned out to be a lie, as well as other allegations in this matter. Now, my so-called court transcripts are missing all of a sudden.

This has been since 2018, way before any COVID. Please help me out y’all, while I’m still breathing. I have a family who loves me. I had a great job and life out there until the police shot me and hid me unlawfully. I need some real legal help, so we can all get some answers. It’s sad to say but I don’t know if they are trying to either kill me off, call me or altogether, put something on me and turn me into a vegetable. No joke.

What I do know, though, is that it’s time I get some answers, as well as you all out there who’s been following my story on Google, search under Chad Smith. And following on the Notes From the Village page on Facebook, NFTV, showing me mad love and support, supporting me and being the voice of the people. This kind of corruption is continually trying to silence. I thank God for you all, using your voice and platform to bring justice and make a difference for the lives of those wrongfully shot by the police, wrongfully treated by the system all together. I must say the situations involving these former police shoots caught on cameras in the city are very unfortunate. But they are at least giving us all a clear look into the things that have happened in the past, in regards to the inner city police, which were once hidden from us all. I’m not saying defund the police, but I do believe that it’s time to rebuild this 400 year old caste system of separation to a system that respectively speaks to the needs of us all as Americans and a system that delivers on all of the constitutional promises of the founding fathers of this incredible country. For all, as promised, and not just a few. I’m proud to be an American and I love my country. My country isn’t the problem. it’s the closed minded selfish, scared individuals who refused to evolve in their way of thinking to fit modern times. This is not 1950s. I’m a man who has rights. A Black American man who is supposed to be protected by the same constitutional rights and laws as all Americans.

I’ll be glad to answer any and all of your questions. You can write to me or reach me at Chad Smith 532291 at Or write me at Chad Smith, Number 532 291, 34625 26 Mile Rd, Lenox Township, MI 48048. Thank you, love you all. Peace and blessings.

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