"Angels in Hell" 5:00 Mumia Abu-Jamal (Lecture)



“Angels in Hell” is another audio essay from Mumia, sent to my class at Princeton Theological Seminary, entitled “Critical Race Theory as Theological Challenge.” Indeed, he has challenged the theologians! It is a frequent and often deserved critique of theologians that they merely focus on speculative minutiae. You’ve heard the quip about theologians: “they only ask how many angels can dance on the end of pin.”


Obviously, Mumia addresses the question of angels in a whole new light – a liberating light, one that illumines political struggle and emancipation in history.


“Angels in Hell” builds on an earlier essay he sent to my class on goddesses, and how patriarchal Christianity repressed female ways of viewing God, and at the same time repressed women’s leadership roles, as well. Now, in this new essay, he points to a very this-worldly “angel” – an extraordinary leader, rebel angel who fought for the life of her people and all humanity that cares about justice: Harriet Tubman!