Mumia Abu-Jamal is an award-winning journalist who chronicles the human condition. He has been a resident of Pennsylvania’s department of corrections for thirty three years years (30 on death row). Writing from a solitary confinement cell and now general population at SCI Mahanoy his essays have reached a worldwide audience. His books "Live From Death Row", "Death Blossoms", "All Things Censored", “Faith of Our Fathers”, “We Want Freedom”, “Jailhouse Lawyers”, the "Classroom and the Cell" and the soon to be released "Writings on the Wall" have sold hundreds of thousands of copies and been translated into nine languages. His 1982-murder trial and subsequent conviction have been the subject of great debate....MORE


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  • It is with incredible gratitude that we announce: WE MADE IT!

    You have made this campaign to protect prisoners’ rights possible, through contributions, sharing online, connecting your friends and family, ongoing support, and relentless encouragement.

    Community is the word that defines this victory. And our community is more powerful than the conservative political elites that want Mumia silenced.

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    Together, we are entering 2015 ready to fight for prisoners’ right to speak.


Jonathan Kozol

“A prophetic writer.  Mumia refuses to allow his sprit to be broken by the forces of injustice; his language glows with an affirming flame.”   -Jonathan Kozol, educator and author  photo by Gloria Cruz