Prison Radio
Naykima Hill

NAYKIMA: My name is Naykima Hill, and I’m calling from Women’s Huron Valley. I just want to let you guys know that the water is not following the CDC guidelines. They keep lying to the community telling them that they are. We are in a, uh, a gym that has no- that has cameras in here that we’re not supposed to be up under while we showering. We have no ventilation. We have no heat in here. It’s very cold in here. We have all these bunk beds and this one little [inaudible]. We have two- we have two sinks, three bathroom stalls, two showers for 36 women. And they put more beds in here to put more. It’s like a concentration camp. They are doing us so inhumanely. We need help. We need help. No one is trying to do anything for us. We just put in here and just left, like, like our lives don’t matter. We matter too. And they keep lying to this community and to everybody that’s trying to reach out to us only because they can’t, because they can’t, then they’re not allow people to come in to see how we’re living. There’s mold in this place. This place is not even on the map. We not supposed to be here, it’s a condemned building, but the only way we stay in here is because they’re doing construction. That’s inhumane. We should not be here. We should not be here. And all my sisters are trying to fight. It’s like we’re not getting nowhere. Grievances not getting nowhere. We need help. There’s no sprinkler system. If a fire break outta here, we’re dead, we’re cooked. And I don’t understand how they- they allow us to be in here like this. The warden [inaudible] in violation of the Eighth Amendment to be free for cruel and unusual punishment, nd he’s not taking preventative measures to keep us safe and we not having visits right now. How the hell we keep getting COVID? It’s the officers. They’re not being checked or anything, but nobody’s trying to help us. I already had it once. I don’t want it again, my lungs already messed up. But nobody is helping us, and we really need help. 

UNNAMED: That is inhumane treatment. We living out of bags inside of a gym that has no sprinkler system on it. 

NAYKHIMA: You’re lying to our families about what was going on with us. We have no, we have no ventilation, no fresh air. 

UNNAMED: We being housed with double bunk during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s like 35 people in here. We not supposed to be in crowded areas like this. We are- It’s people that are coming in that’s acting like- or they said that they sick and they still house them around us putting us potentially in danger for catching the COVID-19 virus. The staff here are- they treat us like below, like we below the dirt, you know what I’m saying? It’s nothing that we can say. We asked the shift command. We can’t get them with me supposed to be able to get them. It’s all kind of bogus stuff that’s going on in here that we have to abide by because we are inmates. But we should not be being treated this way. 

UNNAMED: Somebody just told them that they didn’t feel good, that she was denied healthcare, yeah, [inaudible], which is symptoms of the COVID. That there’s no reason or no way she should be denied healthcare. UNNAMED: We definitely shouldn’t be sitting inside this gym with no sprinkler system. It’s a big fire hazard with no ventilation, no nothing inside of here. Um, all the doors are locked because we are in prison, so if it’s like a fire- NAYKIMA: There’s cameras here, so basically I’m being sitting in the shower area. I’m being filmed, and I’m sure that there’s males up there  that are able to see us. Um, I didn’t ask to be filmed. UNNAMED: There’s um, there there’s all kind of dirt, rot, all kinds of things in our food that we can’t take pictures of because we don’t have a camera to be able to show them that this stuff is coming in our food. We have black mold right in our, in our rooms. We’re breathing it in. All they’re doing is putting cloth over it. We living in- it’s hell here. It’s hell here. NAYKIMA: Like I said, this building is condemned. It wasn’t supposed to be up and running. The only that they can keep it open is if they doing construction. UNNAMED: And right now, even in this gym, we have a select amount of spiders in here. Women are getting bit every night. It’s infested with ants and everything. We still have to live here. We living out of bags, like literally out of bags. NAYKIMA: This is swampland as well. So our pipe systems are the same. They never been changed, so it’s like Flint water we’re drinking. You can literally taste the mold in the water. We at Women’s Huron Valley, the only female prison in Michigan. 270530.