Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

[00:00:00.00] Mumia Abu Jamal: I think now more than ever, people want to hear “The Truth” rather than the bullshit (Edited for Radio, Swear Word deleted) and we’re coming hard. The illusions have driven us to this moment. You know, the illusions have really disarmed people, you know what I’m saying?

[00:00:20.05] Noelle Hanrahan: I think they came clean. They were always doing it. They came clean. It’s like living in Philadelphia, those people don’t play – they’re racist right to your face. In San Francisco they’ll be like, “Oh yeah, it’s ok man.”

[00:00:32.12] Mumia Abu Jamal: Oh yeah, they’ll call you Sir and then…

[00:00:32.25] Noelle Hanrahan: Yeah, and they’ll still screw you.

[00:00:34.24] Mumia Abu Jamal: Give you a cup of tea and then fuck (Edited for Radio, Swear Word deleted) you.

[00:00:37.28] Noelle Hanrahan: Yeah, and here it’s like yeah, so…

[00:00:40.17] Mumia Abu Jamal: …spit in your face, you know. “Nigger.”

[00:00:42.28] Noelle Hanrahan: Exactly. That was always there, I mean, that’s exactly what Clinton did, but they were nicer about it.

[00:00:51.06] Mumia Abu Jamal: Yup. I agree. And so every dark cloud has a silver lining and the silver lining is Clinton is just gone. And, you know, the truth is that Obama’s era has passed. It’s passing right before our eyes. Really, now more than ever, we need a new politics, right? Engages and moves… like – if you look at Clinton even in her best light, and I’m talking about the Clintons because they’re a duad, at least one segment of the population had to be sacrificed and guess who that was. So you’re voting for people who have given your people the most pain they have had in generations, right? Am I…

[00:01:47.23] Noelle Hanrahan: Are you kidding? I feel like a frog in a boiling pot of water.

[00:01:51.06] Mumia Abu Jamal: Right. inch by inch, degree by degree.

[00:01:54.08] Noelle Hanrahan: …and it’s your fault.

[00:01:55.09] Mumia Abu Jamal: Right, right. You know, we can do it fast or we can do it slow. How do you want it? Because it’s going to get done. And you will be eaten. Shit (Edited for Radio, Swear Word deleted), I don’t want to hear about how hot it is because it’s fine for me. Right? And that’s where we’re at so, in a way it has a logic all its own that could not be sustained. You know, my own personal intuition about the last election is, there are people who are in their twenties and thirties now who have seen their parents locked up for all their lives, or their brothers and sisters or – you know what I’m saying?

[00:02:37.23] Noelle Hanrahan: It’s one in three, man, it’s one in three.

[00:02:41.05] Mumia Abu Jamal: Right. And in their heart of hearts, in their guts, in their core, they could not vote for that. Because, yeah, she gave a speech, but like I said, that speech never addressed AAPPA or PLRA or the mechanisms that her husband put in place to make today so hellish. And, what? When he came out and defended it, like, “I did this for y’all,” you know… I mean how many times you be slapped in the face before you know that this cat is hurting you, man? You know? And that’s where we’re at, so, you know, so be it. Now’s the time to really build – to wake up, you know, to shake off the doldrums of this dream we’ve been in… like it’s time to come out of – to disconnect from the Matrix, then the realm of human[?] possibility-

[00:03:37.25] Noelle Hanrahan: Yeah. And it was easy to buy that line with Obama selling it.

[00:03:41.27] Mumia Abu Jamal: Yeah. You know, to see him suck up to that pig who spit in his face daily, you know, “He was born in Kenya. I’m going to prove it. I’m going to send an investigator to Nairobi. They’ll be back in a month.”

[00:03:54.25] Noelle Hanrahan: You know, there was a piece, I’ll send you the transcript of it, from Ken Hartman who’s a lifer in California – he’s really smart. And he’s like, “You bust the bubble of the bully by confronting their bullshit (Edited for Radio, Swear Word deleted). You don’t give in to them.

[00:04:07.15] Mumia Abu Jamal: That’s right. Not by rubbing his back.

[00:04:09.28] Noelle Hanrahan: You gotta go right at him with their lie.

[00:04:12.01] Mumia Abu Jamal: Yeah. But he’s not built like that. That’s how-

[00:04:15.05] Noelle Hanrahan: Oh, compromise, compromise, compromise, go to the center, go to the center.

[00:04:19.05] Mumia Abu Jamal: It’s not even that. It’s not even compromise because it’s not compromise. Listen, what Obama learned how to do is to ignore and to enable. Because look at this freak from Chicago, this pig Emmanuel, and he has caused so much pain for Chicago – and this is his homie. This is the cat who is probably one of his closest political operatives and allies and he can turn around and say, “Look, you know, I love black people. Me and Obama played golf together and we played basketball – that’s my man.” And he spits on black people at every opportunity, so he play elite politics that looks good and the hidden hell that average people have to live, or we can say, “Naw, that’s ok. I’m not going to be your lamb for ten years or fifteen years or twenty years to make it look good, you know? Let’s, let’s go.

[00:05:16.26] Noelle Hanrahan: Well, we’ve got to because it’s coming.

[00:05:19.05] Mumia Abu Jamal: So be it. So be it. I mean, you know, the universe sometimes has a way of waking us the fuck (Edited for Radio, Swear Word deleted) up.

[00:05:25.24] Noelle Hanrahan: They pushed us off our complacency, that’s for sure.

[00:05:29.27] Mumia Abu Jamal: Yeah. Listen, I doubt I’ll be able to get on again (the phone). This is a moment that you know, the bullshit (Edited for Radio, Swear Word deleted) don’t work no more. The Matrix, you know, you’re out of the Matrix.

[00:05:43.01] Noelle Hanrahan: Yeah, they’re taking more. Hey, you gotta take these fascists at their word. They are saying they’re going to do this…

[00:05:49.06] Mumia Abu Jamal: Right.

[00:05:49.06] Noelle Hanrahan: …do not ignore them.

[00:05:52.03] Mumia Abu Jamal: That’s right. They didn’t put him in there for the same old shit (Edited for Radio, Swear Word deleted), so you’ve got little kids in middle school and elementary schools running through the halls screaming, “White Power!” You hear?

[00:06:05.21] Noelle Hanrahan: I’ve seen it.

[00:06:06.20] Mumia Abu Jamal: That’s the next generation.

[00:06:08.04] Noelle Hanrahan: There were, you know, swastikas at ‘Nova, you know, Villanova. there were swastikas at Mount Tom in Northampton.

[00:06:17.08] Mumia Abu Jamal: Right. Yeah, this is their hour, this is their moment and you know what? Clinton is the one who brought us here. You know that some shit (Edited for Radio, Swear Word deleted) opened the door for the real shit (Edited for Radio, Swear Word deleted). So, you know, you might not enjoy the bowl of shit (Edited for Radio, Swear Word deleted) that’s sitting in front of you-

[00:06:33.28] Noelle Hanrahan: [Laughing] You can’t say that on the radio. You can say p-u-s-s-y but you can’t say- right.

[00:06:45.06] Mumia Abu Jamal: You can’t say (unclear). But, you know, this is not just the end of Clintonism, this is the end of Obamaism.

[00:06:54.06] Noelle Hanrahan: Wow.

[00:06:55.10] Mumia Abu Jamal: And they’re going to rip his things apart piece by piece

[00:06:57.29] Noelle Hanrahan: I can already feel it.

[00:06:59.00] Mumia Abu Jamal: It’ll be like watching a fly have his wings pulled off. Right?

[00:07:03.07] Noelle Hanrahan: OW!

[00:07:03.28] Mumia Abu Jamal: It ain’t gon be pretty.

[00:07:04.26] Noelle Hanrahan: I know… and they’re just the boys to do it.

[00:07:08.17] Mumia Abu Jamal: That’s right. That’s right. Giving children license to yell “nigger” in a school room. Yeah, Woodrow Wilson squared.

[00:07:23.28] Noelle Hanrahan: Scary.

[00:07:24.29] Mumia Abu Jamal: You know, this was the most racist president in modern times and Woodrow Wilson watched Birth of a Nation, you know the Klan cult movie, and he said, “This is history written in light.” This was a brilliant man, a PhD, a Princeton President of the university, a learned man, but, you know, he couldn’t see past his racism. Now here you’ve got a guy who’s dumb as two rocks and, you know, while he has instincts and guts and, you know, the feel, he has no empathy. He thinks about no one other than himself.

[00:08:03.05] Noelle Hanrahan: Oh, yeah. All that money’s going right into his pocket.

[00:08:06.18] Mumia Abu Jamal: The only thing he’s ever loved is his wallet and so things are going to get ugly and, you know, people are going to have to deal. Alright, keep your head on.

[00:08:20.07] Noelle Hanrahan: You, too. Alright, cool. Bye. [Phone hangs up]