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Spoon Jackson

Okay, this is spoon Jackson, trying to promote the Rabbits of Realness Zine publication. And I’m hoping you will check it out.

Our first one is about how to write letters and it’s geared towards young people and people who have never written letters before. And cause letters writing has or is becoming a lost art.

So if you’re interested, please go to, or Sarah Marie Bartorio, or to Jack, Justice Arts Coalition. And you can find out how to download a copy. They’re free for now.

And we hope to do- this is the first installment, and we hope to do many more on different subjects. I hope people will write in or send in drawings and stuff.

Thank you for your time, and may the music bless you. Spoon Jackson of the Uncuffed project soon to be unfolded. No longer a part of the old Uncuffed, unfortunately, but they still using my work, and it’s all good.

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.