Prison Radio
Spoon Jackson

Beauty in cell bars.

We locked ourselves up. Not because of the bars and steel that surrounds us. Not because life doesn’t bend to our every whim.

But because of the projections we placed onto our worlds, the judgments, the “I can’t,” the trying to please everyone while not pleasing ourselves, by seeking the beauty on the outside that is surely within.

For prisons are created internally and are found everywhere. We allow unnatural and unreal thought to be our walls, our limits, because of the dam we build to stop the universal love, the light.

It’s all within ourselves, this paradise you go to, of beauty and love. There’s peace where along with the eagle, you may soar. A place inside that was inspired from the inner and above which are one and the same.

The world may not bend to your every whim. But it will flow wherever you want it to go. Where it’s supposed to go. There’s beauty in cell bars.