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The Awakening

Izell Robinson

The Awakening. Toxin vibrating through our ears. Are we woke enough to hear? No doubt. For us to awaken some elite fear. They rather us sleep. That’s clear. But I ask, Are you awoke for… Full Transcript

Eastern Kentucky University Environmental Forum

Bryant Arroyo

“Eastern Kentucky University Environmental Forum.”While preparing for this piece, it was asked some specific questions which require more time than what I have to answer. However, I will try, within the time constraints, to address… Full Transcript

Bend the Bars Address

Bryant Arroyo

Dear environmentalists, ecologists, bioneers, blue-gold/rain forest protectors, movers, shakers, GMO opponents, green tech innovaters, indigenous leaders, social justice activists, and jail-house environmentalists gathered here today, as one. I want to thank you for your magnanimous… Full Transcript