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Alabama Execution Using Nitrogen Gas

Jy’Aire Smith-Pennick

So the state of Alabama is about to murder a man, by making him breathe pure nitrogen gas, which is an untested method, a method never used before. I’m having a really hard time processing… Full Transcript

An Abolitionist Life

Mumia Abu-Jamal

What does it mean to call oneself an abolitionist? The word doesn’t mean today what it meant 150 years ago. Then, it meant an end to what some have called ‘America’s Original Sin’–Slavery. Today? Well,… Full Transcript

On Politics

Mumia Featured on Democracy Now

Mumia Abu-Jamal

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: We end today’s show with news that a federal judge has denied a request from former Black Panther and journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal for a life-saving medication that could cure his hepatitis C. Mumia… Full Transcript