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May 30: End Philly DA Cover Up's!

On May 30 at 2PM join Mumia supporters and others as we hold a press conference, rally and march to fight for Mumia and all who suffer criminal injustice in Philadelphia. Here's an update on our political situation of struggle now:


On April 24, 2017, a Philly court reviewed 17 Philadelphia prisoners' cases, including that of Mumia Abu Jamal. These cases are bound up in the recent political battle for accountability in the DA’s office. They hold that PA Supreme Court Judge Ronald Castille should have recused himself from their appeals hearings because of Castille’s prior involvement in these cases as Deputy DA and elected DA of Philadelphia. In the Abu-Jamal case, the court ordered the release, by May 31, of all internal Philly DA records that site Ronald Castille’s involvement in the case. The suppression of evidence is a common practice in Philly DA’s office!


Take a stand for justice on May 30!  Release ALL the files! Free the innocent!