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Becoming Abolitionist: A Lawyer’s Radical Vision “The only way that we are going to get people to have a decent, equitable future is to completely re-envision this entire rubric that is suffocating and killing our people,” says lawyer Noelle Hanrahan. More… Read More

A Smarter Approach To Prison Abolition

Dontie Mitchell

A smarter approach to prison abolition. In my last commentary I reported on this new coalition of prison abolitionists called No New Jails NYC. They advocate a vision where incarceration is wiped from the American… Full Transcript

An Abolitionist Life

Mumia Abu-Jamal

What does it mean to call oneself an abolitionist? The word doesn’t mean today what it meant 150 years ago. Then, it meant an end to what some have called ‘America’s Original Sin’–Slavery. Today? Well,… Full Transcript

Assassination Attempts against Mumia Abu-Jamal

Watch the interview on Black Power Media here Pam Africa (advocate/activist), Noel Hanrahan (JD), Ricardo Alvarez (MD) interviewed by Kalonji Changa (BPM/RSTV Founder), Joy James (author/GIU) February 12, 2024, GIU Kalonji Changa (KC):  Peace good… Read More

For Bob Wells, Presente

Mumia Abu-Jamal

For Bob Wells, ¡Presente! For Bob Wells, a life lived long was a life lived well, for he wore many hats, organizer, anti-racist activist, supporter and worker with the John Brown Anti-Klan Committee in Chicago,… Full Transcript

Preserving Stories Otherwise Lost

If you die in prison one of two things happens: the prison deletes the public record that you even existed (they disappear you). Or as in Indiana DOC they say you were “released.”Curtis McGaha was… Read More

Prison Radio Giving Guide

You are the reason we have survived for so many years. You and other amazing people, generous folks, true believers, from all over the world have been on this journey with us. Today, we are… Read More

There Is Always A Back Story

As I emerge from the sterile lobby of SCI Mahanoy, I always feel drained.  On my last visit I was bone tired, sad, yet undaunted.  The warm hug Mumia and I shared standing in front… Read More

Black August Letter Writing

Register Here: Write On! We know that the power of the movement comes from connections to the inside.  Tangible real letters, phone calls, and visits.  The building blocks of trust, bonds, and family ties.  We… Read More