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Becoming Abolitionist: A Lawyer’s Radical Vision “The only way that we are going to get people to have a decent, equitable future is to completely re-envision this entire rubric that is suffocating and killing our people,” says lawyer Noelle Hanrahan. More… Read More

A Smarter Approach To Prison Abolition

Dontie Mitchell

A smarter approach to prison abolition. In my last commentary I reported on this new coalition of prison abolitionists called No New Jails NYC. They advocate a vision where incarceration is wiped from the American… Full Transcript

An Abolitionist Life

Mumia Abu-Jamal

What does it mean to call oneself an abolitionist? The word doesn’t mean today what it meant 150 years ago. Then, it meant an end to what some have called ‘America’s Original Sin’–Slavery. Today? Well,… Full Transcript

There Is Always A Back Story

As I emerge from the sterile lobby of SCI Mahanoy, I always feel drained.  On my last visit I was bone tired, sad, yet undaunted.  The warm hug Mumia and I shared standing in front… Read More

Black August Letter Writing

Register Here: Write On! We know that the power of the movement comes from connections to the inside.  Tangible real letters, phone calls, and visits.  The building blocks of trust, bonds, and family ties.  We… Read More

Mailing E-Blast Donors

As the founder of Prison Radio and as someone who has been on this journey for decades, when a person makes a gift, I feel hope and a renewed resilience.  It literally means that we have… Read More

New learning resources

Theory does not solve issues—only action and solidarity can do that—but theory gives you language to fight, knowledge to stand on, and a humbling reality of what intersectional social justice is up against. —Bettina Love… Read More


In all the noise of the strange colonial holiday of the Fourth of July, Prison Radio keeps liberating voices.  In June we recorded Mumia Abu-Jamal, Bilal Muhammad, Krystal Clark, Torrey Braxton, Maximilian (Ian) Streisel, Joadanus… Read More

Letter from Kevin Cooper May 8th

Comrades, This is Kevin Cooper and I send this missive to you in Peace & Solidarity, just as I wrote it. These truth(s) I write and send to you through our fellow Comrade Carole ‘are a must’. While theyare obvious truths, they still must be said by me. MoFo, and their ex-L.A, county sheriff department ‘experts’ and others they hired did more than just say that in their opinion I… Full Transcript